How much will this cost?

Our consultation and design fees are currently $95 an hour. We do offer reduced rates for nonprofits, so be sure to ask. Ordinarily it runs about $250 to lay a website out, and $125 a page. Using this formula, a four page website will cost around $750 or less to design. Because we charge by the hour it's difficult to determine the exact amount a website will cost, but over the past twenty-three years this formula has proven to be incredibly accurate. However, excessive revisions will result in more time, and therefore higher costs. We work quickly and efficiently to give you the most for your money.

We will also maintain your website with a minimum fifteen minute charge, unlike the one hour charge most web design firms bill. This enables more frequent updates at affordable rates. If you need a change made quickly, we are here to do it.

Where do we start?

We are happy to sit down with you, have a phone conversation, or e-mail you and work out a plan for designing your worldwide presence. There are several factors to take into consideration which will be presented to you during our initial meeting or discussion. We explain everything in terms that are understandable.

If you're not sure what you would like on your site and just have pictures or a brochure to work with, we'll work to incorporate these existing materials and put together a proposal with design ideas for the site, any other suggestions we may have, and a final estimate based on the number of web pages we determine your site will need.

How long will this take?

Work on your website will begin upon receipt of your initial down payment. Most website design is completed within ten business days of receiving all of the content from the client.

Great websites are ongoing projects, updated frequently so the information stays current and your audience keeps coming back. A fresh, dynamic website and regular enews offering specials to your specific client base is today's most cost-effective, environmentally proactive form of advertising. Nothing is printed, it's all online.

Other fees

Domain names

Securing your domain name is an important first step. We will check and see if the name you'd like is available. They're not as expensive as you might think. You pay $20 a year, with the option of renewing at the end of each year. You should secure your domain name as soon as possible. If you don't secure it today, you may regret it tomorrow.

Web hosting - What's a web host/server?

A server is a computer that houses your website, known as a web host. Think of it as a big filing cabinet, linked to the Internet. When someone wants to access or "download" a page from your website, a number is called up and it accesses the page from the server where your files are located. Our web host is local and has top speed connections, on the cutting edge of technology. Web hosting fees vary according to the amount of space and bandwidth your website requires. We offer affordable rates for any sized websites.

Other Services

Additional logo and/or graphic design, enews transmission, photographic, writing, editing, or other services will be charged at our regular $95 hourly rate.

Payment policy

Fifty percent of the quoted price for design services is paid at the time of the order, prior to the commencement of work. Annual web hosting and domain name fees are also due at this time. Once the website design has been approved by the client, the remaining balance is due. Payment may be made in the form of personal, certified, cashier's or business check, or money order.

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In a nutshell

UniqueOrn Enterprises can do it all for you, at a lower cost than any other form of advertising, reaching a much broader market than conventional forms of print advertising and pinpointing your client base in the most environmentally conscience method around today.

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